A glance through the eyes of a pencil

That Yellow Rock

As friends and folk go on and make fun
I raise my gaze to the smiling sun
Its silent whisper brings forth a frown
For in its rays, inspiration I found

It never replies when mockery would call
Critics and haters would never make it fall
Evil as a witch or stubborn as a wall
It happily gives light to one and all

People complain of heat, but it never talks
When its time to go home it packs and walks
As morning comes in, without a whine
Its back to serve all of mankind

There are critics and those that speak bad
There are those that try to make it sad
But never did he lose his anger and go mad
never did he fail, always cared

We will always find those that speak behind our back
Those who, in intelligence will lack
But even if they take every opportunity to mock
I will follow this amazing yellow rock

I will serve each man the friendship seed
And burn the fire, for my guests I will feed
The methods of my enemies I will indeed shun
And adopt the method of the humble sun

I look up and think there can be nothing greater
Then I realize surely it must have a Creator
And if this rock’s qualities are the best I have seen
Imagine the qualities of that superior being

~Yusuf Omar~


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