A glance through the eyes of a pencil


If i were to mock your mum or dad
You would break inside all hurt and sad

If i had to ridicule your husband or wife
The decision would be made that i have no place in your life

If i insulted your beloved daughter or son
Your emotions would be stirred whilst i have fun

If i speak against those that are dear
Its waves of emotions that i will have to fear

Muhammad (SAW) is more dear to me than my own blood
When you insult my Prophet, you asking for emotions to flood

Its nothing extreme, it all makes sense
You hurt my feelings and i take offence

I dont justify killings or violence
But dont expect me to sit back in silence

If you dont agree with the man, at least lets live like brothers
I might not share your beliefs, but i will never mock others

So please my friend, i love you for you are my fellow being
Just don’t insult Muhammad (SAW), i believe he is the greatest this world has ever seen

~Yusuf Omar~


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