A glance through the eyes of a pencil

I Have Learnt

I have learnt that he who at night finds tears
Dawns a new day to find abundant cheers

I have learnt that whatever life throws down our path
There is a supreme being that holds our heart

I have learnt that sometimes we stand with tears dropping on the floor
Not realizing behind us lies another door

I have learnt of a mercy that lies with my Creator
With that I realized there can be nothing greater

I have learnt that The Most Merciful wants the best for me
Though Sometimes I insist for I cannot see

I have learnt that no matter what your concern or fear
Lift your hands, shed a tear, and you will find him to be near

I have learnt that life must go on, for if its meant, it will be
So move on, enjoy the journey, and time will allow us to see

~Yusuf Omar~


Comments on: "I Have Learnt" (7)

  1. Beautiful Masha Allah! JazakAllahu Khairan Brother Yusuf!

    • May Allah guide us all with sincerity Ameen. When you really think about life in general, this is what we all learn during calamaties or difficulties that befall us.

      • True, Alhamdulillah! Seldom do we realize that Allah is Al A’leem, Al Lateef Al Khabeer and Knows exactly what to give or withhold from us, to return to Him or get closer to Him! :’)

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  3. This article explains it all: http://wp.me/p16ulC-dw
    Hope it’s of benefit, Insha Allah.

  4. This poem captures The very essence of life. . . But when you’re caught right in the middle of a storm, trust me, your vision of life gets terribly cloudy. . And then it’s not so easy to look at the bigger picture anymore. . Especially when you’ve been stripped down to your last reserves of strength.

  5. This poem leaves one inspired, alhamdulillah!

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