A glance through the eyes of a pencil

Nature’s Best


Be wise like the Zebra who teaches not to fight
Without a fuss he accommodates for black and white

Be grateful like the dog who protects his master all alone
Yet humbly appreciates even the leftover bone

Be patient like the tortoise who seems to be a pitied soul
Yet slowly but surely he reaches his goal

Be tolerant like the horse who gets whipped by man
Yet continuously  transports them to a faraway land

Be confident like the bird who flies east and west
And returns at dusk to feed its nest

Be brave like the rhino who wakes up every dawn
Knowing very well that man would kill for his horn

Be humble like the elephant who’s strength none can bear
Yet never would he walk with his head in the air

Be strong like the lion who has authority like a king
Never would he tolerate one who plays with his queen

~Yusuf Omar~


Comments on: "Nature’s Best" (2)

  1. This is an Awesome poem! As a matter of interest how long does it take to compose one of your poems?

    • JazakAllah for the kind words. It doesnt take much time. Between half hour and 45 minutes. Nothing from my side. Allah Ta’aala’s Mercy and Grace.

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