A glance through the eyes of a pencil

She walks down the street all wrapped and clad
She smiles, for she knows her Creator is glad

While the others happily makes their bodies an object of beauty
She conceals with modesty for it is her duty

A solution to immorality the world desperately needs
Yet they frown upon her rather ‘odd’ deeds

As the Hijaab-ban came she felt no fear
Smiling under the veil she knew her Allah is near

Laws have been changed to view the beauty behind her veil
law after law, efforts hopelessly fail

She even veiled her voice, one would never hear a sound
Indeed she’s a masterpiece, a queen without a crown

A perfect daughter, An immaculate mother, An ideal wife
for the little modesty that the world has, will be found in her life

Wherever she goes, her hijaab she will wear
Like a diamond amongst sand, she is indeed very rare

~Yusuf Omar~


Comments on: "A Queen Without A Crown" (3)

  1. Wow! This is really good, MashaAllah! A perfect piece of inspiration.

  2. Masha-Allah !!!
    i have been followibg you throughout.
    twitter, facebook and now on here.
    i myself feel to write few line, even i wrote few but they are in no state of comparision to yours, because you write in the love of our Almighty Allah (swt) and i can only scibble about the worldy things. May Allah (swt) bless you for guiding us… 🙂
    fee amanillah

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