A glance through the eyes of a pencil

Azaadville Ijtimaa

Azaadville Ijtimaa

The bright white tents brightened the night
The backdrop of the Madressa brought light upon light

6th April 2012 marked the day
When the enemies of Islam had absolutely no say

A weekend when Azaadville had more angels than man
Shaytaan could not bear it, he even turned and ran

The pieces of advice were priceless and pure
For every sickness and disease the Ijtimaa had the cure

Those who had their Nikaahs, blessed they have been
For when the Duaa was made thousands of angels said Ameen

To all those who assisted whether securing the cars or cooking the rice
No need to worry, your reward awaits you in paradise

The sweetness of Hidaayat, if only one person had a taste
Then all the effort put in, did not go to waste

The success of an Ijtima does not lie in how many will attend
But rather in Allah’s path, how many Jamaats the Ijtimaa will send

O Allah accept every cent spent, every drop of sweat, every sense of pain
For if You do not accept these broken efforts, then all is gone in vain

~Yusuf Omar~

Ijtimaa:An Ijtimaa is a gathering where Muslims are encouraged to attend. Spiritual talks focusing on self reformation are given by the seniors and elders. Those that attend are encouraged to spend more time and go out on a spiritual quest. This quest is commonly known as ‘Jamaat’. The Ijtimaa and the forming of Jamaats forms part of the effort of Tableegh. An effort that focus on the building of faith and self purification.

The annual Ijtimaa of South Africa took place on 6-9 April 2012. The town of Azaadville was blessed with the opportunity to host this spiritual event. The community did not dissappoint in making the Ijtimaa a success. Even the women got involved by preparing meals for those that came from other towns to assist. Like is mentioned in the poem, the true success of an Ijtimaa does not depend on the amount of people that attend but rather the amount of people that benefit and go out in the path of Allah. The following stats is an estimate of the number of Jamaats that went out from the Ijtimaa.


4 Months to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh  25 Jamaats
4 Months pedal i.e. Walking in the remote areas  10 Jamaats
4 Months foreign i.e. Other countries besides IPB 3 Jamaats
4 Months local i.e. in South Africa 7 Jamaats
40 Days foreign 21 Jamaats
40 Days Masturaat i.e. Husband and wife together 4 Jamaats
40 Days local  57 Jamaats

Total Jamaats 128 consisting of  996 brothers

May Allah accept the efforts of all those involved. Ameen


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