A glance through the eyes of a pencil

That Special Pair…


As far back as when I couldn’t speak
Ever so often my eyes would leak
While other babies, by their mothers, comfort they would seek
I perceived from then my future looks bleak

Thrown into a hostel when I just learned to run
We all played together and enjoyed under the sun
But there lies such a mystery, no guardian to answer would ever dare
That spell-binding question: Where is “That special pair”?

“My mum bought it for me”
“When I grow up my dad is who I wanna be”
As the utterances of my friends would come out crystal clear
My heart would stiffen and the eye would shed a tear

Playing in the park with the other boys
Like candy to the ears comes that heart warming noise
It’s the call of mothers for their loved ones to come home
Wondering if I’ll ever hear mine, I sit there crying all alone

In the intense heat down by the stream
A little boy moves around licking his ice-cream
Looking up at his dad, smiling brighter than a beam
Jealous as ever I know I can only dream

The tears in his eyes are painful to their sight
They would offer him comfort sacrificing their right
They would move his heart from darkness into light
My shoulder to cry on is but a pillow at night

My little brain boils and my knees go numb
When I look at the frown of an ill-treated mum
Amidst an avalanche of happiness my day turns sad
When I witness the anger of a disrespected dad

On their comfortable beds in their homes as they lay
If I can only reach out to them and earnestly say
Their true value you’ll understand only on that day
When lightning fast they are snatched away

I wonder how it feels for someone to wipe off your tear
I wonder how it feels to experience comfort when in fear
I wonder how it feels to be told “I am near”
I wonder how it feels to be addressed with the word “dear”

Imagine the feeling of being loved like the other
Imagine the feeling of being hugged by a mother
They all want Yo-Yos, toys and figurines but rather
I wish to be smiled at by a loving affectionate father

Living this kind of life is a long way from nice
I suppose that’s why a guardian has been promised paradise
Someday to a child’s happiness I wanna be the key
Because I don’t wish this life for my worst enemy

What keeps me going is that I’ll meet “That special pair” one day
Because on the orphanage pavement I wrote what I wanna say
I violently scribbled it with a broken toy
“Plees taik me bak, I b a gud boy”

~Yusuf Omar~


Comments on: "That Special Pair…" (2)

  1. This is such a sad, but beautiful poem.. Really touching.. The verses evoke so much of emotion..

  2. Reading this causes one to tear, just having the glimpse of what an orphans finds so dear.
    Written beautifully with utmost emotion,with the ability to make the hardest heart soften.

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