A glance through the eyes of a pencil

How my Allah works…

How my Allah works…

Allah is the planner, the planner alone
Moosa was brought up in the house of Firawn
Allah’s plans will gel, only His will gel
His beloved Yusuf lay once upon a time in a well
Allah works according to His desire, only His desire
His friend Ebrahim was once thrown into a fire
Allah is in control, He gives death and life
His beloved Ismail was once under a knife
Allah’s plans prevail, exactly according to his mark
The people of Nooh once mocked his ark
Allah does according to His wish, only according to His wish
His friend Yunus was once trapped in the belly of a fish
Allah does according to His plan, His plans of pearls
His beloved Muhammed they once mocked and jeered, became the leader of both worlds
You wish to be a mechanic study the engine of a car
You wish to learn Trust in Allah study the lives of the Ambiyaa
~Yusuf Omar~

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